EraCan is a closed share corporation developing and marketing supplementary and preventive technologies to effectively handle a broad range of cancers.

Natural and designer technologies are in the portfolio, which, together with accessory components and protocols help us "ERADICATE CANCER".

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Cancer is an anaerobic process. This process is the result of an increased acid burden due to the deficiency of intracellular (inside cells) alkalizing (OH-promoting) buffers (electrolytes, amino acids, hemoglobin, bioflavonoids, etc.). Keep in mind that cancer is not the deficiency of oxygen; but the inability to use available oxygen. Oxygen that can’t be effectively used generates a significant increase in oxygen free radicals, also characteristic of cancer pathologies. At its core, cancer is simply a cell that has forced itself to change to survive in an oxygen-deprived more toxic environment. Subsequent cellular reproductions (mutations) form incorrectly and then persist in a system that is designed to eradicate it. Cancer cells are simply cells that now favor energy production from the mechanical breakdown of sugar rather than the oxygen dependence of burning sugar to make energy. In this environment, the cells ‘crave’ sugar and need more blood to supply it. Anything that reduces the ability of cells to use oxygen can lead to the cell mutations (survival-induced changes) that are defined as cancer; intake of chemical toxins (cigarettes, chemical pollutants, refined processed foods and beverages, chronic nutrient deficiencies, etc.) The genesis of cancer includes various and separate events:
 Nutritional deficiencies can be a significant factor
 Influence of a virus on an otherwise healthy cell causes the DNA to be mis-transcribed. That, in turn, causes the cell to be copied with defects that the immune system does not recognize.
 Production of cells in the body requires a plethora of basic building block materials. Without those critical elements, cells are left to copy themselves. The defective cells which are missing key substrates (the proper biochemical resources and reactions) produce a malformed cell. These basic building blocks may have been consumed by processes or influenced by outside forces including carcinogens. (like nicotine or smoke in the lungs from smog, etc.)
 Malignant cells are glucose dependent (anaerobic) cells and ‘selfish’, making them totally self-perpetuating. Anaerobic activity is detected and reported in as many as 80% of cancers studied as far back as 1930. However, loss of oxygen usability (deprivation) is at the core of the cause of the vast majority of cancers.

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