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ERACAN Mission Statement
ERACAN, a Biotechnology Research and Development corporation (US-HU joint venture), together with its international biotechnology and pharmaceutical industy partners, is developing medical therapeutic, adjuvantpalliative, and supplementary therapeutic technologies and products as well as integrative medical, clinical and
homecare treatment protocols with a mission to provide effective means to treat or prevent all types of cancers, without harming or distroying normal healthy cells and tissues of the human body (that is to create generally effective, anti-cancer, malformed/cancer cell and tumor specific active compounds, technologies, protocols, and integrative medical approaches).

ERACAN Product and Protocol Development
As a result of and thanks to the efforts of ERACAN and its US Partners, the complex protocol called ERACAN THERABOX, works efficiently both in cancer therapeutic and preventive applications and is now available for the public. Natural and designer biological/biochemical active components, the state-of-the-art formulation technologies applied in production and personalised dosing protocols of those together with food supplement regimes and dietary and lifestile advisory and full monitoring integrated into the THERABOX healthcare package makes possible the targeted killing and eradication of tumor cells in case of almost all types of cancers, while normal healthy cells and tissues are not affected.

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Zsolt foto

 Zsolt Keresztessy

Founder & Director General, Scientific Director

PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology, MBA Biotechnology , Biopharmaceutical research and development experience.



Pat foto

Patrick Bishop

Founder & Investor, Clinical Director

Economist, Technology investor, biopharmaceutical developer, cancer researcher

Mike foto

Mike Montemurro

Founder, Financial Director

Economist, private clinic owner, clinical network operating experience


Our Approach

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Our Story


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